Noor Community Clinic

About the Clinic

Noor is known for having an Arabic-friendly Clinic. The doctors and nurses are predominantly of some type of Middle Eastern descent and can often speak Arabic, helping translate for Arabic patients. Additionally, Noor has a faithful population of patients who return to have biopsies and other lab procedures interpreted for them from the doctors.

Patients call (614) 516-3075 for an appointment on Monday 10am-3pm or Tuesday 10am-12pm. Leave your name & contact telephone number. The clinic coordinator will call you back between 4 pm to 7 pm on Monday or Tuesday for scheduling.

For more information please visit the official Noor Clinic website at:

Time and Location

Rardin Family Practice
2231 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
Wednesdays 5-9pm


Patients at Noor Clinic return on a regular basis to follow-up with specific physicians who volunteer on a monthly basis or to receive test results from past appointments. We also refer to a wide variety of specialities at the Ohio State University, help our patients set up financial aid through the university's Healthcare Assistance Program (HCAP), send them for blood testings, and send them for radiological imaging. We work with the patients and the university to provide these services free of charge to the patients, if possible. We therefore have a group of patients who return on a regular basis to receive longer-term care.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers should arrive around 5pm on Wednesday, with their stethoscope, white coat, and watch. Nurses will room the patients and take vital signs. Medical students will then go see the patients and are encouraged to recheck the vital signs if comfortable. Students will then present to one of the attending physicians present and return to see the patient. Students should each expect to see about 4 patients every week.


Call (614) 662-9622 or email